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By longmorrow

So, right. I have made a huge friends-cut (about half my f-list). I applied no 'x months without posting' or 'x comments in x time' rule. I'm...going with my gut, you might say, and kept only my most beloved. This is basically because I can't follow everyone anymore and, although I could skip posts, I won't pretend I do.

If you can see my previous entry - posted 30 seconds before this one (which includes a pic and two memes), you made the cut.

I'm sorry for this and...well, good luck.

. . . . . .

Básicamente estoy recortando my lista de amigos a la mitad. Esto es debido a falta de tiempo y a que no quiero saltar entradas cuando tácita o explícitamente algún día acordé seguir vuestra vida. No seguí ninguna regla de 'x meses sin actualizar' o 'x tiempo sin comentar'. Esto es más sobre a quien no puedo dejar ir (aunque no sé si un par de ustedes me quieren aún).

Y...y ya. Si puedes ver mi actualización anterior - de hace 30 segundos para ser precisa (donde hay una imagen y dos memes), pasaste el corte.

Lo siento y espero que todo vaya bien.

So, I am writing again. Dean/Castiel (Second hand serenade, pg13)
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This is so fucked up. I think it was not until I finished writing this story, that I realized how insecure I actually am. As in "This is a really nice idea but I'm not good enough to explain it myself", and it should not be such a big deal except I actually want to become a writer, so you would think being afraid is not the right state of mind to go around with. I need to calm down, seriously, especially since I enjoyed this so very much.

Anyhow, this is a Supernatural fanfiction. Kind of future fic, after the fourth season finale-and yes,I'll fangirl about this episode later.

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